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Nick Agar is a world famous sculptural woodworking artist who is a rock star in the woodturning world. He is in demand for demonstrations and classes internationally and is recognized by collectors around the world. His signature Norwegian Sunset Bowl is a beautifully crafted, multi-textured work that represents the best of woodworking and professional turning artistry.  Nick and King Arthur’s Tools are jointly proud of the partnership and co-branding that has resulted in this fantastic Signature Series. Nick helped tremendously in the development of several key products which have a multitude of applications in the wonderful world of woodturning.

“I hope you enjoy using this set as much as I am excited to be a part of this new range of products. This tool opens up new possibilities. It’s faster, more efficient and the finish happens in seconds instead of hours.” – Nick Agar

* There are two sets, Basic and Premium. The only difference between the Basic and the full Signature Series is that the Basic set includes one tungsten carbide All-Surface 3 Edge flat profile fine green disc and excludes the full set of four All Surface 3 Edge Carbide discs. We introduced this set following great demand from, and listening to, a multitude of woodturners around the world who loved using the fine green disc.  We have also made this Basic Signature Series more affordable.

Both sets are powered by the MERLIN2® variable speed, mini angle grinder and include a special selection of custom-designed accessories, some developed exclusively with Nick by King Arthur’s Tools. The mini grinder’s variable speed also gives you excellent control over every one of the accessories – from slow to fast speeds, you’re in the driver’s seat! Discover accessories that greatly extend the versatility of surface enhancement and finishing in woodturning and carving. Encounter all-new, exclusive accessories like:

  • Tungsten carbide All-Surface 3 Edge flat profile discs in four (4) grits, only available in the full or Premium Signature Series. Refer *
  • 36 Nick Agar designed, oversize 2.2” (56mm) sanding discs in 9 grits (80 to 1,200) that curl over sharp edges and made from the finest quality paper
  • With the inclusion of the Hexagonal Threaded Connector, (HTC), it will allow a wide selection of over 50 Hook & Loop, 3M Roloc™, Quick Change, Surface Conditioning and Bristle Disc attachments
    • Different accessories will cut, shape, sand and finish in any direction
    • Replaces wire brushes for metalwork, automotive, defect, scratch and rust removal
    • Everything you need for carving, shaping, debarking, deburring, blending, sanding, finishing and polishing


Merlin2® Miniature Long Neck Angle Grinder

  • Available in Variable and Fixed Speeds
  • Worldwide voltages: 110-115 volt and 220-230 volt
  • Safe to use with minimal vibration and low noise
  • A Wizard Of A Tool for creating shapes, textures and getting into hard to reach areas.
  • Excellent for woodturning, woodcarving, miniature woodworking, DIY metal working, cleanup and finishing.
  • Everything you need for carving, shaping, debarking, deburring, blending, sanding, finishing and polishing.
  • Replaces wire brushes for metalwork, automotive, defect, scratch and rust removal
  • RoHS compliant. MERLIN2® is the second generation of mini-angle grinders
  • Upgraded Electronics
  • Improved motor. Variable speed model powers effortlessly between 4,000 - 15,000RPM's with improved efficiency
  • Can be powered by an automobile’s AC/DC power converter
  • One Piece Cast Aluminum Safety Guard
  • Spiral Bevel Gears operate more quietly and produce less vibration
  • Recessed On/Off Switch Guard with Debris Inhibiting Rubber Cover.
  • Larger Fan
  • Additional Side Vents
  • Improved Cords
  • Electrical Plug to Suit Your Country
  • Textured Grip Finish
  • Flange Holder
  • Includes Heavy Duty MERLIN2® Canvas Storage Bag