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hg-action.jpgHoley Galahad Tungsten Carbide Discs: With their 6 hole “see through” technology, invented by King Arthur’s Tools, 47852-rmr.pngHoley Galahads are phenomenal for extremely rapid removal of rotten wood, all excess wood, bark, high spots, ridges and chain saw cuts, leaving a very coarse to even finish on contoured, convex and flat surfaces. All fit most standard/imperial 4-1/2" to 5” and metric 115mm – 125mm metric angle grinders worldwide rated maximum 14,000 RPM. Discs measure 4" x 7/8” (100mm x 22mm) Available in four grits, from extreme coarse to fine, there are eight to choose from, with four each in both the round and flat profiles. Every Holey Galahad is engineered to "open a window to your work". There’s no stopping to continuously lift the angle grinder – now you can see what you’re doing and where you’re going versus the usual method of carve, lift, check - repeat. They’re all very fast, easy to control, can be used on both face and edge surfaces plus there’s no heat buildup. Manufactured from high quality structured tungsten carbide teeth, meticulously bonded to steel discs over the total cutting surface in a 5-stage patented process. Discs can be cleaned and reused multiple times, saving hundreds of dollars in flap disc sanders, time, labor and effort.



Holey Galahad Instructions [pdf]
Universal Nut Instructions [pdf]