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Manpa Instructions & Manuals


Below you can find links to download our various product manuals, instructions, FAQs, and other helpful documentation for operating your tools safely and efficiently.


Angle Grinder Diameters Chart


FEIN Slide Switch Angle Grinder Manual


Belt Cutter - Basic Manual


Belt Cutter - Head Manual


Belt Cutter - Master Manual


Belt Sander Manual


Circular Cutter 3" 12mm Manual


Circular Cutter 4" 8mm Manual


Circular Cutter 4" 12mm Manual


Connection Tool Manual


Crack Cutter Manual


Grinder Holder Manual


Hole Cutter 2" Manual


Hole Cutter 3" Manual


Hole Cutter 4" Manual


Mini Carving Bits Manual


Mini Crack Cutter Manual


Multi Cutter - Basic Manual


Multi Cutter - Master Manual


Sanding Tool Manual


Square Cutter 3" Manual


Triangle Cutter 3" Manual


Various Cutter 2" Manual