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You get double the power with two blades. For massive hog out wood removal with great control, use two 14 tooth blades. If you want to just get the wood out of the way in a hurry with smooth control, this is definitely the combination to use. For more finish and shaping under controlled use, two 22 tooth blades are the answer. How about a compromise and get the best of both worlds? Use a 14 and 22 tooth tandem. There is no better combo than pairing two Lancelot blades.




Lancelot/Squire Instructions [pdf]
Lancelot/Squire FAQs [pdf]
Lancelot/Squire Chain and Disc Assembly Instructions [pdf]




 Grinder Basics - Features of different angle grinders on the market.


Lancelot Assembly - Instructions on how to assemble the Lancelot for your angle grinder.


Tandem Lancelot - Maverick demonstrates how to place a Lancelot Squire combination on a grinder.


 Tandem Combination - Demonstration of how to place two Lancelots on an angle grinder.