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All Royal Knight’s Choice sets are great starter sets for basic carving, sculpting and applications around the house or jobsite. These basic sets provide tool options that can be used for outdoor projects like general carpentry and landscaping but are excellent entry level accessories for basic carving and sculpting. They offer a favorable discounted price compared to individual purchases and offer selections of some of our most popular accessories. 

Common to all are:

2-Igraine flap disc sanders, 24 & 60 Grit. 4”x7/8” (100mm x 22mm)SKU’S 40924 & SKU 40960
1 - Universal Nut 5/8” Threaded Center SKU 13750


1 - Universal Nut 14mm Threaded Center SKU 14000

Your choice of 2 same or different Lancelot or Squire cutting blades e.g. 2-14 tooth Lancelot


Your choice of 1 – Holey Galahad e.g. Round Medium Red

We use the number of Lancelot or Squire teeth and the Holey Galahad color. To order above product, you would then order Round Medium 1414, which quickly identifies your request OR order by part number on line.