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King Arthur’s Tools Royal Order of Knights was began in December of 2006 and included the induction of nine worthy Knights into the Round Table of King Arthur’s Tools. This initial induction was celebrated at the opening of Guinevere’s Gallery and expanded warehouse and celebrated in the style of King Arthur’s Court. Music included performances by local artists, including the playing of KATool crafted Didjeridoos.

Warehouse & Gallery Opening – 1st Knighting Ceremony

KATools Knighting Event

Induction requires individuals be talented, dedicated and creative within their chosen field, as well as courteous, generous and honourable.

Original Knights of the Round Table

Terrance Arthur – Sir Arthur
Patrick Barribal – Sir Patrick La Fish (passed away 4/16/07)
John Birch – Sir John
Bob Bocz – Sir Robert of Talquin
Lindsey Allen Dank – Sir Lindsey of Libellulidae
Bob Bishoff Fincher – Sir Bob the Bad
Edward Harden – Sir Edward
Gerald Richard Hammock – Sir Gerald of Buck Lake
Nancy Revell – Dame Nancy of Oviedo

Norway Woodturning Cruise and Knighting

Knight ceremony in Norway

2nd Knighting Ceremony
Woodturning Cruise
August 17, 2008

Best of Norway Knighting Ceremony by Arthur & Pamela


3rd Knighting Event – December 11, 2010

The 3rd Knighting Ceremony was held to commemorate the opening
of Guinevere’s Gallery in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Norway Woodturning Cruise and 4th Knighting Event – August 23, 2011


Knights of the Round Table


John Carpenter, Gorst Duplessis, Gregory Ferkol, Margaret Garrard, Unni Marie Lien, James S Pearson, Gavin Phillips, Lena Thjomoe Steine, Judith Thjomoe, John Wessels, Michael Williams


Mark Baker, Clive Brooks, Torgny Jannson, Bonnie Klein, Glenn Lucas, Johannes Reiber, Richard Reimers, Dick Sing, Jostein Tvedt


Odd Erik Thjomoe – Sir Odd Erik
Nick Agar – Sir Nicholas of Devon
Justin Aveling – Sir Justin Shoots-A-Lot
Wayne Barton – Sir Wayne Carves-A-Lot
Peter Boman – Sir Peter
Jimmy Clewes – Sir James
Larry Coltharp – Sir Lawrence of Old Town
Allen DeWolf – Sir Allen
Mette Fjermestad – Dame Mette
Rune Hjelen – Sir Rune
L.B. (Bernie) Howell – Sir Lorrin of Chattahoochee
Knut Andreas Lien – Sir Knut Andreas of Nottoroy
Stuart Mortimer – Sir Stuart of Grately
David Muckle – Sir David of Darlington
Kjell Musland – Sir Kjell of Seimsfoss
Bob Neill – Sir Bob The Burner
Richard Raffan – Sir Richard
Tim Rinehart – Sir Tim of Woodcraft (passed away 7/19/09)
Terrence Scott – Sir Terry of Hunua
Lars Stana – Sir Lars of Stana
Victor Stimpson – Sir Victor of Piney Z
Asmund Vignes – Sir Asmund