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We’re not just selling the FEIN angle grinder individually; we’re offering a selection of our top 4” (100mm) Holey Galahad accessories fitted to it. Any Holey Galahad disc paired with the FEIN angle grinder is a fantastic combination for shaping as well as rapid wood removal of rotten wood, excess wood, bark, high spots, ridges and chainsaw cuts, leaving a coarse to even finish on contoured and convex surfaces. Nothing shapes wood better! From bowls to bears or artistic sculptures to log homes, furniture making, and taxidermy – anytime you need to get a final shape, whether flat or contoured, Holey Galahad® “see through” discs in conjunction with the FEIN paddle switch grinder can help bring your vision to reality. 

  • There’s no stopping to continuously lift the angle grinder to check your progress. You have an uncanny ability to see the surface being sanded through the disc as it spins, improving your productivity. 
  • It’s very fast and smooth.
  • The disc can be used on both its face and edge surfaces.
  • There’s no heat buildup and retains excellent value. It can be cleaned and reused multiple times, saving hundreds of dollars in using flap disc sanders, time, labor and effort. 
  • Discs are 4" (100mm) in diameter and feature patented structured tungsten carbide teeth bonded to steel discs over the total cutting surface.
  • Tungsten carbide needles are manufactured in a 5-stage patented process.
  • FEIN angle grinder Made in Germany
  • Holey Galahad proudly MADE IN THE USA