Holey Galahad Sanders

® A Window To Your Work.

See Where You’ve Been & Where You’re Going! HOLEY GALAHAD® opens a window to your work. Once you experience
this unique new “see-through” technology, you will “see the light.”

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Holey Galahad, See Through Sander

HOLEY GALAHAD® is a new generation of patented carbide discs with “see through” technology – enabling you to see the workpiece surface behind the disc while you’re working.

This feature dramatically improves production by up to 15% and saves using literally hundreds of flap disc sanders. You’ll notice an immediate difference, Holey Galahad® quickly allows you to shape peaks and valleys into smooth surfaces as you see them, eliminating the need to “feel” the high and low spots. You can see what you’re doing and where you’re going as you work as opposed to the standard procedure of carve, lift, check; carve, lift, check, and repeat.

FEATURES: Nothing shapes wood better! From bowls to bears or artistic sculptures to log homes, furniture making, and taxidermy – anytime you need to get a final shape, whether flat or contoured, Holey Galahad® see through discs can help bring your vision to reality. Holey Galahad® features patented carbide teeth that move effortlessly with or against the grain on all types of wood. These extremely sharp, long wearing conical teeth provide superior surface removal
with a very smooth action, making Holey Galahad® easy to control.

• Ability to "see through" to the surface being finished
• Durable Tungsten Carbide • No Heat Build Up
• Extreme Coarse, Coarse, Medium and Fine Grit Discs
• Round and Flat Profiles (Suited to
contoured, concave and flat surfaces)
• Discs can be used on both their face and edge surfaces
• Excellent Value ( One disc saves costs in sandpaper, time, labor and effort)

TECHNICAL: Made in USA. Designed to fit most 4-1/2” (115mm) and European 125mm
angle grinders. Maximum 14,000RPM. All discs are 4” (100mm) in diameter and feature patented structured tungsten carbide teeth bonded to steel discs over the total cutting surface. Tungsten carbide needles manufactured in a 5-stage patented process.

MODELS: Six (6) models are available in round or flat profiles in coarse, medium and fine
carbide grits to suit contoured, concave and flat surfaces.

#47854 REP - Round Extreme Coarse Purple - Extremely rapid removal, up to 15 -20% faster than blue.
#47851 RCB - Round Coarse Blue 90 Grit -Rapid removal with smooth, coarse finish.
#47852 RMR - Round Medium Red 70 Grit -Rapid removal with medium to fine finish.
#47853 RFG - Round Fine Green SSG390 -Doesn’t need much to finish sanding.
#47874 FEP - Flat Extreme Coarse Purple - Extremely rapid removal, up to 15 -20% faster than blue.
#47871 FCB - Flat Coarse Blue 90 Grit -Rapid removal with smooth, coarse finish.
#47872 FMR - Flat Medium Red 70 Grit -Rapid removal leaving medium to fine finish.
#47873 FFG - Flat Fine Green SSG390 -Doesn’t need much to final finish sanding.

Holey Galahad® discs are also quite effective on fiberglass, plastic, solid rubber, foam core, polyurethane, silicone, soapstone and composite materials used in taxidermy.

KAT Recessed Universal Nut secures all round profile Galahad & Holey Galahads discs on 4 1/2" angle grinders.

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